Harvey Nowak-Green | Lighting Design

Lighting Designer | Assistant | Programmer

Based in London, moving from the South West in late 2018, I work predominately in theatre developing my work as a theatre maker and lighting designer. 

My interest is sparked by theatre that not only tells new and compelling narratives, but theatre that questions - allowing the unsaid to become spoken, and the spoken to propose the way forward. Constantly searching for the pin-drop moment, I'm driven towards bringing the audience together in that shared space. This encourages me to work very closely with the creative team, which in turn relies on strong collaboration and involvement throughout the creative process. I have an eager interest in new writing and devised theatre, as well as its use in a more political sphere.

Inspired by light as a medium, and theatre as a canvas; I aim to continue developing my practice, using light as a key building block for the creation of performance spaces.


Member of the Association Of Lighting Designers

Member # 2825